Celebrate O.Henry with Celebrities

Scope Reformation CoverMack’s play based on O.Henry’s classic short story, The Retrieved Reformation, appears in the Nov. 21st issues of Scholastic’s Scope magazine. It tells the depression-era story of safe-crackin’ Jimmy Valentine. When Jimmy is smitten with the banker’s daughter, he resolves to give up his criminal ways. Like all O.Henry plays, the story ends with a twist. The art comes with a twist, too. Tom Garrett’s intriguing illustrations depict real celebrities performing the parts, albeit in 2D. Will Ferrell plays the banker, Shaquille O’Neal plays Detective Ben Price, Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame plays Annabel, and Zac Efron stars as Jimmy. To get a sneak peak of the play or to subscribe to Scope, Scholastic’s classroom magazine for 6th through 8th graders, click here. To read O.Henry’s original text try The Literature Collection, and for Scholastic’s PDF teacher’s guide, go here.