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The Girl Who Got Arrested read-aloud playMack’s Civil Rights play, The Girl Who Got Arrested, is now available on TeachersPayTeachers. The play, which was originally published in Scholastic’s Storyworks magazine, is based on real events from the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  Over the years Rosa Parks has received the lion’s share of attention for refusing to give up her seat on a city bus, but before Rosa came a teenager named Claudette Colvin. Claudette, acting spontaneously and in response to what she’d been learning in school about the Constitution, refused to give up her seat and was jailed. She was initially lauded a hero, but when the Justice System unceremoniously convicted her, the Black community and history itself turned against her. Her story has been recounted in Phillip Hoose’s award-winning book, Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice, which was one of several resources Mack used in creating this play.  This is a gritty, hard-hitting classroom play that brings a new perspective to instruction about the Montgomery Campaign. Check it out at TpT!