Pigtails and Protests

Pigtails and Protests CoverJust in time for Martin Luther King Day and African-American History Month comes Pigtails and Protests, a new Civil Rights play by Mack Lewis. The play, which tells the story of Dr. King’s “Youngest Freedom Fighters” appears in the January 2012 issue of Scholastic’s Storyworks magazine.  Despite dangerous conditions, eight-year-old Sheyann Webb and 9-year-old Rachel West joined the Voting Rights protests in Selma, Alabama. The campaign culminated in the famous “Bloody Sunday” event in which state troopers on horseback used tear gas and billy clubs to suppress an otherwise peaceful crowd of marchers. It’s considered a turning point in the Civil Rights Movement.  The play includes historical images.  To check it out you’ll need to visit the Storyworks website, where you can get a FREE trial subscription to the best classroom magazine on the planet.