Freedom for the First Time

Freedom for the First TimeFreedom for the First Time depicts the Day of Jubilee, the moment slaves were emancipated at the conclusion of the Civil War. It’s one of Mack’s most poignant plays and an ideal candidate for inclusion in your African-American History Month activities. It’s suitable for kids as young as grade 3 and as mature as grade 8. Perform it as simple reader’s theater, record and post a podcast (see below), or consider adding traditional slave spirituals and create a full-blown stage production. Also be sure to check out Mack’s free guide to using drama in the classroom, which provides brain research on how play scripts build fluency. To preview and/or purchase Freedom for the First Time, visit Mack’s storefront at TeachersPayTeachers. For just three bucks, you’ll receive the rights to copy a class set of scripts each year for use in the original purchaser’s classroom.