Black History Month Podcasts

Jackie Robinson No5Several of Mack’s plays can now be heard via podcast. Fifth grade students have lent their voice talents to each of the following plays: Freedom for the First Time, which looks at the reaction of slaves to the Civil War and emancipation; How Jackie Saved the World, which shows the significance of Jackie Robinson’s breaking of the color barrier; and Black Boy, about the young adulthood of Richard Wright. These podcasts are ideal for previewing plays prior to purchasing, as examples for your students, or as alternatives to traditional read-alouds. Other available titles include Box Brown’s Freedom Crate, which is about the slave who mailed himself to the North in a box, I Have a Dream, which portrays Martin Luther King’s childhood, and The Girl Who Got Arrested, which tells Claudette Colvin’s heart-wrenching story from the Montgomery Bus Boycott. There is no cost to download (though the usual copyright rules remain in effect).