A Twist on that Old Explorers Unit

So it’s the beginning of another school year and you’re expected to teach Columbus, Magellan, and a bunch of other explorers that are about as exciting as the rancid mutton in Captain Cook’s galley. Would a bit of drama freshen things up? Try increasing student engagement with three of my most popular classroom history plays. Because each is from a different era of exploration, they afford a common-core-busting compare & contrast activity that will have even your most reluctant learners discussing the facts and thinking critically. The Fountain of Youth centers on Ponce deLeon’s exploration of Florida in the 16th-Century. Have students compare his motives with those of Early 19th-Century Lewis & Clark by using the play Lewis & Clark and Bird Girl. Next, leap into the 20th-Century with a fun play about the Apollo Moon Landing.  Wrap things up with some speculation about what exploration might look like in the 21st-Century and beyond. All three plays are historically-accurate, classroom-tested, and available for just $3 each at TeachersPayTeachers–three bucks for a full class set you can use year-after-year!  So, click on the cover to do some exploring of your own at TpT.