Odysseus vs. Cyclops

Who’s this hideous-looking dude?  It’s Polyphemus, the cannibalistic antagonist from Mack’s new play based on the 9th Book of The Odyssey. It appears in the September 3rd, 2012, edition of Scholastic’s Scope Magazine. The riveting illustrations by Gary Hanna will have students mesmerized and the crazy script will have kids howling both on and off the stage.  Scope is aimed at 6th-8th grade students. To explore the issue further, or to sign-up for a free trial subscription, just click on Cyclops’ one glorious eye!  The Cyclops play is one of more than a dozen classic tales Mack has adapted for Scholastic’s various divisions. His book, Read-Aloud Plays: Classic Short Stories includes adaptations of stories by O. Henry, Gogol, Irving, Kipling, and many others.