Plays in Actions

Ever wonder what it looks like to see a fifth grade Cyclops chomp on his classmates? Probably not, but if you’d like to see some of Mack’s plays in action, just follow this link. Polyphemus eats a stage-full of Greeks in Odysseus vs Cyclops, Professor Aylmer removes the still-pulsing heart of his otherwise perfect bride in Nathanial Hawthorne’s The Birth-mark, and the corpse of Herbert White comes a-knockin’ in the classic gothic tale, The Monkey’s Paw. Whether you want staging ideas or an inducement to purchase, these videos may be just the thing. The links will take you to Mack’s public school site, The Daily Platypus. Although all three plays were crafted for Scholastic’s Scope magazine, which is aimed at middle-schoolers, they’re performed here by fifth graders around Halloween. And if these don’t do the trick, be sure to check out our bank of podcasts!