Compelling Reader’s Theater for Black History Month

February is Black History Month. While I encourage you to acknowledge it with some dedicated activities, I’m also reminded that black history is American history; it need not be limited to a single month! The end of the Civil War, Jackie Robinson’s breaking of baseball’s color barrier, and MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech certainly rank among some of the most significant moments in our collective history. With that in mind, I direct your attention to a dozen of my plays that are easily paired with inspiring literature and non-fiction. They represent a great way to recognize Black History Month while also meeting numerous Common Core standards. All the plays were carefully researched and are based on the given event–not it’s paired text (in most cases the play was published before the given book). That means each pairing represents distinctly unique points of view. Each includes a comprehension activity, too, and all were originally commission by or published in Scholastic’s Storyworks and Scope magazines, so they’ve been professionally vetted, making them the best reader’s theater on the market. Check them out and download free previews of each play on my Black History & Civil Rights page at The plays can be purchased on my  Etsy page. You’ll also find FREE Google Docs versions of the comprehension quizzes on my TpT storefront. Happy directing!

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