Our Catalogue of Plays

Reader’s theater from the nation’s preeminent children’s playwright! When not available on TpT, find them on the ReadAloudPlays store at Etsy. Many were originally published in Scholastic’s Storyworks magazine. All of them include comprehension activities, teacher notes, and answer keys. For more detailed descriptions, visit ReadAloudPlays.com.

Civil Rights Plays

Claudette Colvin: The Girl Who Got Arrested — Pair with Philip Hoose’s book, Twice Toward Justice 

Gonna Let it Shine: Selma to Montgomery March — Dr. King’s “littlest crusader” during the Selma March.

How Jackie Robinson Changed America — Jackie’s impact was greater than baseball

Martin’s Big Dream: The Childhood of MLK

In the Jailhouse with Dr. King–Poignant historical fiction from the Montgomery Bus Boycott

MLK’s Freedom March—A family overcomes their struggles to attend the 1963 March on Washington

The Library Card — from Richard Wright’s book, Black Boy. Pair with The Library Card by William Miller

Ruby Bridges: A Simple Act of Courage — Ruby’s touching story of school integration

Sitting Down for Dr. King: Historical fiction from the Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit-ins

We Shall Overcome: The Birmingham Children’s Crusade

American History

President Lincoln’s Spies & Rebels — How Pinkerton agents saved President Lincoln

Box Brown’s Freedom Crate — The true story of Henry Brown’s escape from slavery

Fly Me to the Moon: The Apollo Moon Landing

Juneteenth: Freedom for the First Time

Girl. Fighter. Hero: the true story of Sybil Ludington, the “female Paul Revere”

Lewis & Clark and Bird Girl: Remembering Sacagawea

Ponce de Leon: The Fountain of Youth and the Founding of Florida

Stolen Childhoods: Lewis Hine’s Crusade to End Child Labor

The Legend of Betsy Ross: Fact or Fiction

The Secret Soldier: America’s First Female Soldier

Two Plays from the American Revolution: The history of the Liberty Bell and how the eagle became a national symbol

Newsies: The Newsboy Strike of 1898

The Newsies Musical — Not your Disney version, this “musified” version of our Newsies play is unique and a ton of fun 

Two Plays from the War of 1812: The history of the White House and the writing of the Star Spangled Banner

As American as Apple Pie: The spirit of Independence Day

War Stories: The meaning of Veterans’ Day

Argument at Mount Rushmore: Presidential fun covering the history of Rushmore and great facts about its presidents

President’s Day Dream: The meaning of President’s Day and the challenges of the job

Classic Short Stories

A Piece of String — Maupassant cautionary tale about building a positive reputation by being truthful

A Retrieved Reformation – The surprise ending to O.Henry’s story about a reformed 1930’s bank robber is classic

A Christmas Carol — Two kid-friendly versions of Dickens’ megahit, including one with a female lead

Cyclops: The Monster in the Cave — The most recognizable ordeal from Homer’s Odyssey

Gabriel Grub – Another Christmas tale from Dickens, but this one’s full of Gothic goblins

Rikki Tikki Tavi – Kipling’s story about the heroic mongoose who saves a family from snakes

Sleepy Hollow — Irving’s Headless Horseman tale  

The Birthmark –Hawthorne’s horror story about a scientist who kills his beloved in an attempt to make her perfect

The Gift of the Magi – O.Henry’s Christmas story about a poverty-stricken couple who sacrifice their most valued treasures to give gifts at Christmas

The Monkey’s Paw – Ooh…Jacobs’ masterpiece twists three wishes into a fiendish conclusion

The Necklace — Another cautionary tale from Maupassant, this one about contentment and beauty

The Open Window – Saki’s trickster tale about a teenager who spooks a visitor

The Tell-Tale Heart  — Poe’s classic, artfully re-created for the classroom

The Nose – Gogol’s absurd story from Russia about a nose that goes missing and gads about town

How the Elephant Got its Trunk – Kipling’s “Elephant’s Child” tale updated and adapted for modern classrooms

A Ghost Story – Twain’s odd take on the Cardiff Giant hoax of the early 1900’s. A hoot!

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter—Our take on Hawthorne’s masterpiece, Rappaccini’s Daughter

Still Others!

Pip & the Prisoner—the first ten chapters from Great Expectations, adapted into a uniquely delightful play

Peter Rabbit–Personal character is emphasized in Potter’s fun little classic

Escape from the Blacking House—How Charles Dickens escapes poverty and despair to become one of the world’s great writers

Penelope Ann Poe’s Amazing Cell Phone: A clever modernization of Tell-Tale Heart in which the old man is a phone, his heart a ringtone, and the floorboards the inside of our crazed narrator’s desk

Nature Talks Back – Trees, Bees, and Centipedes are on display in this play about the environment. Perfect for Earth Day or Outdoor Ed!

The Cardiff Giant – the legendary hoax about a human giant found in a farmer’s field in upstate New York

The Pied Piper of Hamelin—a slightly twisted adaptation of the Piper tale. Get your rat masks ready!

Winnie-the-Pooh—Five short adaptations of the first Pooh stories, designed to be presented by small groups to younger students

King Edward & the Siege of Calais – a true story from the Middle Ages in which the nobelmen of Calais, France surrender themselves to save the city.