Rights & Permissions

Publishers wishing to obtain reprint rights to any Mackowiecki Lewis Read Aloud Play or other product are encouraged to contact Mack Lewis at lewis@jeffnet.org, (541) 778-4927, or 209 Mariposa Terrace, Medford, OR 97504

Performance Rights Policy as of Jan. 1, 2015

Performing a Mackowiecki Lewis Read Aloud Play in front of an audience is encouraged. Consequently, in most cases, performance rights are either included in the original purchase price of the scripts or they will be donated subject to the following conditions:

~The Mackowiecki Lewis Read Aloud Play must have been purchased from an authorized vendor such as TeachersPayTeachers or Scholastic.
~The script being used must include the words “Fully Reproducible” on the cover or include explicit reproduction permission on the page on which the ISBN is located.
~The organization must be a non-profit organization.

Level 1 Performance Rights:

If the original purchaser is a public or non-profit private school or an employee thereof, the school is authorized to perform the play before a school audience during the regular school day, such as at an assembly of the student body. No notification is required. Such performance rights are included in the original purchase price of the given play (provided the “reproducible” license is designated on the cover or ISBN page as described above).

Level 2 Performance Rights:

All entities, including both private and public schools, theater companies, and private parties performing a Mackowiecki Lewis Read Aloud Play or portion thereof for an audience outside the school day, such as an evening event, or under any circumstance in which admission is charged, the fee to perform is $50 per performance, night, or event. For example, performing the same play for three consecutive nights would require a performance fee of $150. However, in most cases the performance rights will be donated to non-profit organization so requesting in writing. Requests must include the organization’s non-profit tax ID#, the date or dates of the performance(s), the name of the specific play, and the source from which the play was obtained, and email contact information. Requests must be submitted and acknowledged prior to the performance itself. It is also requested that any such organization provide a copy of any playbill associated with the event by regular mail to the address listed above.

Level 3: Electronic Rights:

Public schools and private non-profit schools need make no further arrangements to post recordings of student performances in either audio or video formats of a given play on their school website or Facebook page provided the given media cannot be downloaded by others. Credit to and indication that performance rights were donated by the author must be included in the post and/or recording. Schools, however, may not post copies of any Mackowiecki Lewis Read Aloud Play script online in any form which may be downloaded by others, including students. While internet-based lessons containing a play are acceptable, schools have a legal obligation to protect the copyright of the given play by ensuring the play can be only viewed and not copied or printed.

Level 4: Electronic Rights:

Any other organization wishing to create audio or video reproductions of their performance of a Mackowiecki Lewis Read Aloud Play must negotiate the terms and circumstances under which such a reproduction is acceptable. Transmission of any Mackowiecki Lewis Read Aloud Play other than described herein without the express, written consent of Mackowiecki Lewis is not permitted.

If you have any questions, please contact Mack at lewis@jeffnet.org. Thank you for using Read Aloud Plays, and thank you for honoring the hard work of the author by respecting the copyright.